The videogame of the old woman who leaves her home at down to go into a mined field. Discover the great mistery because of which the protagonist risks her life for surpassing the 24 levels that compose this exciting adventure!
  Ababa Boom


AREAJUGONES "Will test our intelligence to prove we are the best" J.C.
CIMAGAMERS "Original minesweeper with flavor town with a rustic wit we love" T.
MUNDOGAMER "A great game that can now enjoy our totally free from android" R.
GAMERS READ "Reinvent very original classic minesweeper. Do not be disappointed." H.

SEP 2014

Now you can buy the game for PC Windows through our order form. Optimization software, fluid gaming experience.

You can vote for us in Greenlight. Thanks so much.

OCT 2013

We have surpassed the 5000 followers in Twitter. We thank you all for the support. We hope being able to continue programming for you.


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